Hiking trip to the top of Pedra Selada – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pedra seladaPedra Selada058The “Pedra Selada” is one of the peaks of the Serra da Mantiqueira in the state of Rio de Janeiro (about 200 km west from the city of Rio de Janeiro), also home to Itatiaia, the oldest national park in Brazil. The name “Pedra Selada” comes from its saddle shaped summit. (Portuguese for saddle = “Sela”)


The region, with its mountains, countless streams and waterfalls offers many possibilities for outdoor activities like mountain climbing and hiking, rappelling, rafting and mountain biking. It is commonly known as “Mauá”, and is one of the most popular mountain destinations in southeastern Brazil.

The area around Visconde de Mauá is also famous for its collection of high quality Pousadas and chalets.

I took this trip together with my wife Fernanda, and for her it was actually the first time she went on a hike like this.

The 4 km hike to the top,  is a constant uphill walk, getting steeper toward the end. It takes you to an altitude of 1775m and from there you have a great view over the valley of the Rio Preto to the north, the Peaks of the “Agulhas Negras” to the west and the Vale do Paraíba do Sul and the Serra do Mar to the South…

Here are some of the pictures of that day. Click on them to view slideshow…

Hope you enjoyed this post… If you ever find yourself in Rio de Janeiro and feel like doing this or one of the other fantastic hikes in and around Rio, let me know.





Cheers and see you in Brazil

7 thoughts on “Hiking trip to the top of Pedra Selada – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  1. Raf
    I’ll be in Sao Paulo for 5 wks for work and would like to know if you can recommend any guides for weekend outdoor adventures in Brazil. I’m a solo woman and not comforable renting a car and exploring on my own.


    • Hi Kris,
      thx for the compliment about the pictures… I’m far from a pro I must admit 🙂
      I have no problem with being mentioned on tumblr.
      Yeah, Millipedes are kind of creepy, especially the huge ones… these were quite harmless 🙂

    • Hey Michael,
      To be honest, Fernanda doesn’t really enjoy it.. That’s why she was so surprised that she made it to the top.
      the next hike I would like to do one of the coming weeks, is the crossing from Teresópolis to Petrópolis. Three days through the Serra dos órgãos, north of Rio de Janeiro… Some say it’s one of the most scenic hikes in Brazil. Really looking forward to it.

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