Bananal: São Paulo’s most influential 19th Century City

entrance gate Bnanal - São Paulo - Brazil

Bem vindo em Bananal – Welcome to Bananal

Bananal started In 1783, when a small chapel was erected in the rough lands along the Bananal River in the old Captaincy of São Paulo. It became one of the richest and most influential cities of the region during the 19th century “coffee cycle”.

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Brazil’s hidden gems – Vassouras, the city of the Coffee Barons

Vassouras - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Vassouras was one of the most important cities of Brazil during the Coffee era

Coffee used to be one of the biggest economical drivers of 19th century Brazil, and Vassouras was the financial and commercial heart of the coffee trade during Brazil’s imperial period.

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Discover Brazil’s less known cities: Volta Redonda – RJ

Volta redonda: shield

The weapon of Volta Redonda

It doesn’t always have to be Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. I think somebody should also put the spotlight on the lesser known places, and I thought I would start with the easiest one: Volta Redonda. Why it is the easiest one? Well, I live there.

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